LPAT Writing Course

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We focus our preparation on the LPAT Writing examination.



This course is suitable for language teachers or teacher trainees.




Working with your teacher, you will study and practise the concepts of author, audience and genre. You will be assigned an essay to write after every class. Homework essays are used to develop cohesion, grammatical variety and task completion.


We perform intensive practise of the error correction and error explanation tasks. This involves a review of the main classical grammar structures and how they apply to the LPAT error correction task.


This is an intensive course that requires a lot of home study from the learner. I normally recommend at least three month's preparation for the writing exam.


1. Classes are "one on one". One of our native English speaking tutors works exclusively with the student for the duration of the class.


2.This course has no set length. Students join courses of this sort until they have attained the required level of proficiency or are ready to progress to a more challenging course.


3. Each class consists of one 55 minute session.


4. Classes can be held every day, twice a week or once a week.


Before you start your LPAT Writing course, you will need to complete our LPAT assessment. Assessment tasks include a grammar assessment, an LPAT writing task, an error correction assessment and an error explanation assessment. The assessment takes around 90 minutes.


The fee for this assessment, $200.00, is fully refunded once you sign up for an LPAT course.


To learn more about this class, to obtain a copy of the course brochure or to book an assessment:


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